London to Monaco 2017 supports four vital ocean conservation projects.

Ascension Island 1.jpg

Ascension Island

In 2016, Blue secured the creation of a marine reserve nearly the size of the UK around Ascension Island. This extraordinary ecosystem supports some of the last populations of large fish in the world. Blue is committed to proving to the Ascension Islanders that conservation really can be a powerful and sustainable alternative to selling fishing licences. 

Thank you for coming into our school and making us aware of how special Ascension really is.’

Trevor, Year 10, Two Boats School


Restoring Solent Ecosystem Health

The Solent oyster fishery was once the largest in Europe but oyster populations have collapsed. Serious environmental issues affect the waterway including pollution, poor water quality, disease, habitat loss and over-fishing. Blue is restoring the Solent ecosystem by placing thousands of baby oysters in protected sites. This project is vital and timely, a habitat will be restored and the ecosystem of an entire waterway improved. The Solent can again become a source of pride and delight to locals and visitors alike. Blue’s aim is to establish this project as a model for environmental regeneration that can be replicated again and again.

'We can work together to achieve a shared goal and rebuild the once-thriving Solent oyster beds.'

Rob Clark, Chief Officer, Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority. 


Protecting the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian islands north of Sicily are under threat from unsustainable fishing and tourism. The Italian government is in the process of designating a network of marine protected areas around the Aeolian islands. Blue is working to establish the Lyme Bay fisheries model in the Aeolian to reward local fishermen for fishing more sustainably. The project will protect threatened species such as sperm whales, dolphins and tuna, as well as these extraordinary habitats.

‘Over time we have had to fish deeper and for longer to catch fewer and smaller fish. We need to manage our seas effectively.’

Franco Puglisi, Aeolians fisher


Clearing up plastic in the med

Beyond Plastic Med is an initiative to confront the scale of plastic pollution and its impact on the Mediterranean. BeMed is working with eleven micro-initiatives in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Albania, Lebanon, Tunisia and Montenegro to raise awareness and action to combat plastic pollution on the coastline and in the sea.

'The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation intends to create a Mediterranean network of local players committed to combating plastic pollution.'

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation